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Emergency Information

Emergency Contact Information

If any assistance is required (cancellation / reschedule) out of our working hours please contact the below mentioned 24/7 numbers, if you cancel directly then refund would receive to us and we will transfer you but if rescheduling then you can pay the charges directly to them on a call and do the needful.

  • Train (irctc) : 1800110139 / 14646 / 139
  • Bus: contact of selected bus company is mentioned on your given bus ticket.
  • Flight: contact of selected airline is mentioned on your given flight ticket.
  • Hotel: contact of selected hotel is mentioned on your given hotel voucher.
  • Cruise: contact of selected cruise is mentioned on your given cruise confirmation voucher.
  • Tour: if you are on a tour we do provide 24/7 contact before your travel date only.
  • Other: apart from all above service if taken any other service we do provide contact details before the travel date.

Note: in case you are unable to find mentioned contact then can easily search on google and please note during our working hours we do the needful / take care of everything as these options we have mentioned for out of our working hours and your convenience, thanks.